Chairsyde is a platform for dentists in UK to do their consultation online. The booking widget of Chairsyde is embeddable with any web site (as Youtube Video Player), and can use it to accept appointments. Doctors have their own portal to manage their availabilities.


Chairsyde is an organization specializing in dentistry consultation & treatment in the UK. But it is not your standard dentist clinic. Chairsyde is a platform where all consultations are done online. With the coronavirus-imposed lockdown and a general fear of going outside during these hard times, Chairsyde witnessed an increase in patients. Naturally, the website began to experience technical difficulties because of the increased traffic. This is where we, Parallax Technologies, enter. Chairsyde approached us for the development of a video consulting platform for seamless consultations which they could also outsource to other dentists.


What good is a solution if it is provided when the need is over? Realizing that Chairsyde is looking for a quick but reliable solution, our team worked effortlessly to meet Chairsyde’s expectations. Instead of developing everything from the start, we worked with existing modules & reworked them according to the client requirements. The result? For patients, it is innovative solution where they can login using any device and gain access to interactive animations for better understanding. For dentists, it saves valuable time & resources. They can provide consultation in a secure environment & keep track of the entire consultation process to protect against litigation.

Patient Booking  Form – Dentist selection

Patient Booking  Form –  Booking Slot Selection

Patient Booking  Form – Patient details Selection

Patient Booking  Form – Payment success

More Figures: Dashboard

Doctor Dashboard – Login screen

Doctor Dashboard – Welcome screen

Doctor Dashboard – Dentist’s Bookings

Doctor Dashboard – Dentist’s Availability

Doctor Dashboard – Adding Dentist’s Availability

Doctor Dashboard – Dentist’s Profile

More Figures: Video Consultation

Video Consultation –  Patient view of Waiting for the Doctor

Video Consultation –  Doctor view of Waiting for the Patient

Video Consultation –  Video meeting

The Impact

The goal of Chairsyde is to ensure that patients are able to seek consultation in a safe, secure, and convenient environment.

For dentists, the whole idea is to keep costs low while maintaining quality and increasing efficiency. This is precisely what our video consulting platform provides. As a result, Chairsyde has witnessed an increase in patients and decrease in complaints (patients and dentists alike). As intended, Chairsyde is also experiencing more dentists wanting to try out the new platform.

Technologies & Tools Used