DK transport is a business which provides logistical support to leading MNC in Sri Lanka. Parallax help DK Transport to digitalize and automate their transport management system which allows to manage the workflow through software. This led to an increase in the productivity and capabilities of the company. .


As leading corporate courier service DK Transport wanted to increase their productivity and efficiency of their current business process. The company wanted to digitalize their logistical business process which provide up-to-date information system in order to make high accuracy management decision


After initially business meeting, Parallax team did the ground research about their current business process. We understand the company’s logistical business process came up with business system which help the DK transport to manage their ongoing courier process. Our system tracks the business deals and its shows up-to-date information regarding package details, journey details including staring point and destination with time duration with driver details. With this system DK transportation can raise job card for driver to each transportation they provide

The Impact

Within 3 months of time we completed the project and company got significance increasement in their business process. System increase overall productivity while it was not only accelerating the main business process but also it helps the HR department of the company by providing details about driver details and project that particular drivers has completed.

Technologies & Tools Used