This is a distribution management system which were built by Parallax within 24 months. This system provides great tools and feature which help smooth distribution system. System was built by digitalizing the whole distribution process and user can manage whole process through this system. We do have renowned customer who used this system and got massive increase in productivity with greater cost reduction.


Lack of proper inventory management system can ruin whole business process. It will create huge financial cost. Both excess inventory and shortage give financial cote and bad customer experience.


Our “Store Mate” enables you to manage the acquisition, storage and dispatch of goods efficiently while having a comprehensive view of all items in stock. This helps your organization drive down inventory management costs and increase operational performance thus ensuring the timely delivery of goods to your customers. By using Store Mate, you are empowered to make well-informed and timely decisions with regard to your organization’s inventory and warehousing, which will have a positive impact on critical business areas.

The Impact

The overall cost for inventory management will be decrease while zeroing the cost which derive from the excess and shortage inventory. Operational of the business will be easity to process and manage while ensuring the timely delivery of goods to your customers and giving them positive perception about your business.

Technologies & Tools Used