As a core of the platform, developers at Parallax delivered a catalogue that featured consumer goods. We built a catalogue that featured different consumer goods and sort out goods by different categories (size, colour, etc.) and add pictures. The system allows for uploading catalogues of goods that are automatically sorted out across a variety of parameters, which can be set / added individually. Now, each buyer can create a profile of his / her own to purchase various consumer goods from different supermarket


Shopper is a service which provide e-market facilities to customers. Our customer wanted to develop an e-commerce platform that would provide all consumer goods selling supermarket with a single ecosystem to deliver their products / services. They want revamp and redevelop their business platform with advance facilities in user friendly manner.


We built a system which can register various supermarkets and their product catalogues under various product categories. We developed system which automatically sorted out each sellers’ products. Buyer can create a profile and see the shops and product which near to their geographical locations and they can order numerous products from various supermarkets with one single tap..

The Impact

The business saw increase in their customer base. Product and shop portfolio were organizing and easily manageable and had significant 5-star reviews.

Technologies & Tools Used