Prudence Engineering Services wanted was engage in larger customer base. They used to handle their customer based manually. Due to the larger number of clients the company was facing difficulties and problems when they manage their customers. Also, they want to start automated SMS system as marketing tool.


Fly world is a travel agency operating in various markets. They help clients to easily book their flights, hotels, trips, cars, travel insurance, etc. Fly world cooperates with various airlines and many hotels worldwide. Company was used to manage their business process manually. The rapid growth of the company required the appropriate platform to smoothly handle an increased number of customers and an expanding portfolio of services. Fly world found the project too vast and complicated to develop, so they decided to look for a software firm experienced in software development.


We identified their expectation and provide the brilliant solution which going to digitally equipped the Prudence Engineering. We came up with a system which do have all their client details. This system uses SMS gateways to send automated SMS after company registering their clients in the system.

The Impact

Maintaining the customer profile was easy due to over system and company was able expand their customer base. System that we provide for the show quick snapshot and up-to-date information about their business process. Their marketing expectation was fulfilled too with SMS gateway system.

Technologies & Tools Used