Trans Express Service Lanka Pvt Ltd has recently started its operations with professionals more than 20+ years in the courier industry. As an industry-standard in competitors and practical business scenarios, it’s too hard to operate the business by a manual process using Microsoft Excel reports without a courier management system since they have island-wide branches (around 30) and 200+ staff members.

So, we are hired to develop an online web application to manage their operations with their past experiences. Within 03 months we were able to deliver a fully functional courier management system and now they are using the system with a high productivity rate without any delays for manual document updating and hiring minimum employees in their head office and the branches.


The main challenge was, none of the owners of the business were aware of how was the previous system had worked. So we had the challenge to identify & analyze the entire business operation and propose a solution for them. (None of our development, marketing or business analyst team had any experience on courier management ).

With the help of several business team meetings, operational staff meetings & our technical team meetings, we could propose a proper solution not only to manage their current operation but also to improve their operation with technical solutions which were our clients so happy about that. We could save for them so many labor hours which was a huge cost for them.

Excel Challange

There was a separate portal for Trans Express clients, so they can upload their own orders themself. When it comes to bulk orders, what their clients do is, add those orders to an Excel sheet and upload the Excel sheet to the system.

There was some data in Excel which are changeable from time to time by the system admin and they need a solution to link the excel sheet with the system. We came up with a solution that connects the Excel to the system and shows the system data through Excel. So when the system admin changes those data, their entire client base gets that update directly for their excel sheets without manually update again.

Applied Technologies

Client Success

  • Fully online order tracking.
  • Eliminated over 90% of manual works.
  • Reduced to a minimum employee count.
  • Fully automated financial reports.
  • Extendable features with the growth of the business.

Project Stats

  • Development Duration – 03 months
  • Estimated user count – 200+
  • Islandwide branches – 30+
  • Estimate order capacity – 10M


Client Portal


Order Management
– My Orders
– Add New Order
– Upload Bulk Orders

– Processing Order Report
– Delivery Report
– Returned Order Report
– Age Report
– Receivable Orders
– Received Orders

My Invoices

– My Profile
– Rate Card Viewer

Admin Portal

Head Office Dashboard
Branch Dashboard

Head Office Operations
– Collect Processing Orders
– Collect Returned Orders
– Return to Client
– Re-Delivery
– Cancel Processing Orders
– Purchase by Us
– Order Reversal

Branch Operations
– Collect Dispatched Orders
– Assign Orders
– Confirm Delivery
– Confirm Partial Delivery
– Order Clearance
– Reschedule Orders
– Failed to Deliver Orders
– Return to Head Office
– Different Destination

– Branch Manifesto
– Rider Manifesto

Client Finances
– All Invoices
– Payable Orders
– Paid Orders

Branch Finances
– Branch Deposits
– Approve Branch Deposits

System Users
– Clients
– Staff Users
– Riders

– My Profile
– Branches
– Zones
– Cities
– Reschedule Reasons

Status Flow

Main status flow & status flow with different destination

Staff Portal

Head office Dashboard
Head office Dashboard of Courier Management System.
Branch Dashboard
Branch Dashboard of Courier Management System.
Rider chart of Courier Management System.
Head Office Operations
Head office operation of Courier Management System.

Branch Operations

Branch Manifesto
Rider and branch Manifesto of Courier Management System
Rider Manifesto
Rider and branch Manifesto of Courier Management System
Branch Deposits
Branch Deposit of Courier Management System
Branch Deposit of Courier Management System

Client Finance

All Invoices
Client Finance of Courier Management System

Client Portal

Client Dashboard
Create manual orders / Bulk upload orders
My Orders
My Invoices
Age Report
Received Orders
Rate Card