Comtronics Lanka is a leading computer rental company in Sri Lanka. We create a management system as a solution which allows displaying real-time up-to-dates rental process and digitalizes the workflow and enhances the document process of the company. This system was built within 3 months of period to enhance companies’ business processes.


Comtronics Lanka had huge number of customer base and used to manage their rental programmes manually. They were facing difficulties when managing their ongoing rental process due to there larger number of customer base. This hinder their productivity and efficiency.


After initial discussion with Comtronics Lanka our analytical term conducts a analysis the current business process to get familiarise with the client company. Then we identified what are the factors which is reducing the company productivity. We build a system by full digitizing their rental process which make easy to manage while providing up-to-date information.

The Impact

This system automated 90% of rental process and increase the productivity of the Comtronics Lanka. With our system company was able to manage their larger customer base easily and its help to expand their customer handling capabilities. System cause for smooth business process while increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the business process which lead increase in overall productivity of the company.

Technologies & Tools Used