This is an online platform which connect the various service providers with customers. They do have registered freelance services providers in various field including construction field, electrical field, Real state and etc. We built this system simple user-friendly manner attracting great number of customers in the very beginning. The project is ongoing and we’re hoping to keep up this cooperation for years to come. The platform supported three languages: English, Sinhala, and Tamil.


This project was carried for foreign customer. Our client had unique business idea which tap the niche market of Sri Lanka. Client want to develop freelancing like platform which connect various service providers such as plumbers, electrical specialist, real state agent with potential customers.


We develop a unique platform where the various service provider can register, and potential customer can search about the service provider, can view reviews about particular service providers. and get their work done. We equipped this system with SMS gateway and payment gateway to facilitate the online payment system. And specially their website site was developed in way that support all three main language use in Sri Lanka. This a continues project, the company is cooperating with parallax technology to frequently update their system.

The Impact

Though initially planned to last 2 months, the project stretched over few more months, as the client, satisfied with the current results, came up with more requirements. Bring is quite popular among the Sri Lanka. It attracts greater number of service providers and customers. .

Technologies & Tools Used