We built this system for BNI Sri Lanka, a business networking company to manage their forms. This system digitalizes their event coordination process and help them to manage their members profile including payment, organizing weekly meeting tracking the past event, automatic SMS to clients and etc. Our system allowed BNI to purse new business goals and acquire new members from all over the Sri Lanka.


BNI Sri Lanka is organizing forms for entrepreneurs and top-level professionals as business platform where the members of BNI can participate and get various facilities such as sharing business opportunities and consultancy. BNI wanted a system which going to track the attendance of their member and up-to-date information regarding the payment, absenteeism in order to manage their business efficient manner. For the last few years, company have been working manually but, after a while, the they found out if the digitalize this they can increase their effectiveness and efficiency. In order to grow and attract high-quality customers, BNI decided to develop a new solution.


To handle this task, Parallax technologies assigned a team who went on to create new platform and improve the overall performance organization. Our system provide up-to-date information regarding payment of the members, meeting details, attendance of various meeting, external visitors information and absenteeism. Now members can pay their membership fee in advance. System will send automated SMS to members reminding their payment dues and information regarding upcoming meetings.

The Impact

Our system digitalizes the BNI customer management system. Their overall productivity was increase due to that. BNI can perform various function like membership management, pay management, enrolling new member, event coordination and reservation coordination through one system.

Technologies & Tools Used