We built this air ticket management system allowing our client to handle their ticketing system full digitalized manner. This system allows them to manage their customers air ticket purchasing, with emphasis on ticket management, reservations, and sales, generate invoice and track the progress of the process. Apart from those service, institutions can communicate with customers, deliver tickets, issue vouchers, control admission, access customer data, conduct customer support via help desk, and receive feedback. By providing them with the ticket system, we also bring institutions closer to their clients with a multifunctional service desk for improved customer support.


Fly world is a travel agency operating in various markets. They help clients to easily book their flights, hotels, trips, cars, travel insurance, etc. Fly world cooperates with various airlines and many hotels worldwide. Company was used to manage their business process manually. The rapid growth of the company required the appropriate platform to smoothly handle an increased number of customers and an expanding portfolio of services. Fly world found the project too vast and complicated to develop, so they decided to look for a software firm experienced in software development.


The Parallax Technologies created an entirely new system. Our system is future proof: it expands with the growth of the company and adjusts to increased customer traffic on the website. The platform includes stand-alone services such as flights, accommodation, car rental, travel insurance. The new platform facilitates workflows for Fly world employees too – the business panel enables integration with a large number of external systems that are crucial for performing day-to-day operations. System was built with SMS gateway which send automatic notification for registered clients on their birthday, remembering departure and return time and 1 month before their passport expire.

The Impact

The new Fly world system is a great success. The user base is constantly growing, exceeding millions of clients who are satisfied with the better travelling experience. Fly world is reaching more and more markets worldwide improving the cooperation with airlines.

Technologies & Tools Used