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New Inventions for reducing the spread of the Coronavirus

Coronavirus (Covid-19) is a global pandemic. According to WHO reports as of 22 March 2020, over 338,000 confirmed cases & over 14,500 deaths reported in 167 countries.

Major developed countries are trying to find new medical treatments for the Covid-19 virus. And also some countries invented new disinfection methods for the public.

Vietnam Disinfection chamber

116 confirmed cases with 17 patients recovered and still no deaths in Vietnam.

Newly created Disinfection chamber developed by the Vietnamese Health Ministry and Hanoi University of Technology. They installed that body disinfection chambers/cabins in their capital city, Hanoi for reducing the spread of the coronavirus.

That project started on 19 March and will end on 18 June 2020.

Disinfection cabin at Hanoi,Vietnam

This Video shows public people using a disinfection cabin located near the Institute of Occupational Health & Environment.

When some person enters the disinfection cabin, special dispensers spray an ionized saline solution mist all around the body. Once the disinfection is completed, a light indicator switches from red to green. After on the green light, the person can come to outside from the cabin.It only takes 30 seconds to complete a round of disinfection in each chamber. They estimated that each chamber can disinfect up to 1,000 people per day.

Chamber can easily install & uninstalled and transport, because it designed as a module . Its main component is a 360-degree fog mist sprayer using an anolyte solution which is a powerful disinfectant against bacteria and viruses.Around 100 chambers are manufacturing a week to meet the needs in the city and southern provinces.

Initially, three mobile disinfection chambers will set up at the HCM City Youth Cultural House in District 1, HCM City Traditional Medicine Institute in Phu Nhuan district, and the Saigon Union of Trading Co-operatives (Saigon Co.op) in District 1, Vietnam.

Disinfection cabin at Hanoi,Vietnam for prevent from coronavirus

China Sterilizing tunnel

China is the born place of the coronavirus. China reported 81,000+ confirmed cases with 72,000+ patients recovered and 3261 deaths. (22/03/2020)

A private company in southwest China, located in Chongqing city hasbuilt two Sterilizing tunnel systems withing 48 hours for their workers. The company says the tunnel armed with infrared detectors that activate a spray from misters to person when he/she enters. it will take a maximum of 20 seconds to spray a person.

Sterilizing tunnel in Chongqing, Southwest China

“A manager of the company told News Service that the mist is produced by a medical disinfectant, and the system has a motor to pump out the liquid when needed. He also added that the two disinfectant facilities can meet the needs of at least 1,000 people.”

China develops disinfect robots

New air-blast machine, a vehicle fitted with caterpillar tracks. It used for agricultural spraying in the past.

Researchers from Soochow University in east China’s Jiangsu Province renovated its spraying system, making it more suitable for disinfectant liquid cleaners.

“We have experimented with the disinfectant liquid spraying, which proved that chlorine content in the air was increased and the possibility of aerosol transmission was reduced,” said Geng Changxing, a member of the research team.

Robotic sprayer can remotely operate. The range of its spray devices can reach 30m.

According to researchers, the robot can walk up to 7km per hour, killing the virus in an area of more than 40,000 square meters.

Medical workers checking on the robots that will be put on to the streets in China for prevent from coronavirus

Medical workers checking on the robots that will be put on to the streets in China

It is narrow enough to manoeuvre into residential communities, bus stations, construction sites and underground parking garages.

The sprayers already working in some urban areas in the city of Suzhou.

On last Wednesday china reported its smallest number of new coronavirus cases since January, lending weight to a prediction by its top medical adviser for the outbreak to end by April.

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