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Internet of Things (IoT) in Industrial Automation

IoT, or the Industrial Internet of Things ordinarily alludes to interconnected sensors, instruments, and different gadgets organized together in a modern setting. This network takes into consideration remote access and observing, yet more critically. It takes into consideration information procurement and assortment, trade and investigation of various information sources. This has huge potential for improving profitability and effectiveness. IoT arrangements are describing by their minimal effort and quick execution.

Essentials for industrial iot
Essentials for industrial IoT

Typically IoT solutions include:

  • Industrial ‘things’
  • Connectivity
  • Data
  • A cloud platform
  • Analytics dashboard ­
  • Intelligence and action

Practical Industrial IoT examples

Remotely solve PLC / robot problems if a custom-built machine is down

The crisis button is squeezed unintentionally, without anybody understanding it. Since there’s no deformity, designs at first break their heads to find the reason for the issue. Meanwhile, the clock is running and important time is being squandered, while creation has ground to a halt. On the off chance that the HMI doesn’t disclose to you the issue, a call to your machine developer is the following intelligent advance.

Siemens S7 1200 connected to IXrouter (iot)

Siemens S7 1200 connected to IXrouter
Prevent the label printer from running out of paper

In the logistics part or bundling industry, it’s lethal when a machine comes up short on names. To forestall this circumstance, administration professionals should be told well ahead of time before this occurs.

The sensor’s information counter triggers a caution, permitting the professionals to make quick move to forestall stagnation. A pop-up message or email alert on their cell phone, or a vibration of their smart watch, guarantees that the capable individuals get the message on schedule.

Publish new functionalities on the HMI screen for customers abroad

At the point when a machine convey and your client utilizes it in his day by day activities, he may require additional usefulness to make his activity much simpler. A development of their control board with another capacity, for example, an on/off switch or a rate counter for the siphon, can without much of a stretch be fixed by your software engineer. Be that as it may, the HMI programming should be refreshed and tried to dispatch this new usefulness.

HMI software updates can easily apply remotely via secure network access. All you have to do is push the new software from your laptop over the internet, and you’ve made your customer happy once again. Using a web-based VNC (Virtual Network Connection), you and your customer can view and test the HMI functionality in the IoT platform or on a mobile device.

Remote control HMI screens (iot)
Remote control HMI screens
Predict machine maintenance and analyse upfront which part needs to be replaced

Machines, or energy products such as solar panels, require occasional maintenance. At the point when this needs to happen is once in a while simple to anticipate – for instance when you know the corruption per a specific number of creation hours or pivots. In these situations, it bodes well to actualize prescient upkeep. Just utilize the factors (counters) of your PLC programming and log this information to the cloud. At that point you start with information representation in an IIoT dashboard or get an email update when the counter arrives at a support limit.

On site machine support visits are increasingly powerful in the event that you know the flaws before you leave to go on your excursion. By investigating potential issues forthright by means of remote access and the online diagnostics instrument of the gadgets web server, you’re bound to turn up with the correct extra parts.

IoT dashboard example, configured in IXON Cloud

IoT dashboard example, configured in IXON Cloud
Analyse and optimize industrial robot actions

Modern robots, for example, UR+ robots make dull work simple. Remote access and IIoT highlights are utilized to change robot program activities or show signs of improvement knowledge into the log documents.

Moreover, video investigation may assist with improving the activities of a specific robot. Access to the IP camera accounts, or live stream, make upgrades simpler. Rapidly and effortlessly set up a VPN association for full system access to any gadget associated with the robot.

IoT partner of Universal Robots

IoT partner of Universal Robots
Only empty full garbage containers in smart cities

No more useless driving around the city to check for full containers. Only take action on trash containers that send out an alarm that they need to be emptied.

Utilize the intensity of your sensors and make information open in a cloud domain. At that point picture this information in an observing dashboard and convey a warning to the junk jockey when the holder arrives at a limit. All for the sake of proficiency!

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