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E-Commerce and COVID-19

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, online deals have expanded by 52% year on year and the number of online customers by 8.8%. Indeed, even the internet business mammoth Amazon intends to enlist 100,000 extra representatives in the U.S. what’s more, increment laborers’ compensation in the U.S., the U.K. what’s more, Europe, to react to flooding on the web orders. Our Sana Commerce clients are additionally being affected: some development providers have revealed an inspiration in B2B online business deals, while extravagance and social products clients are seeing a decrease.

Right now, web-based business specialists and clients examine the effect of COVID-19 on B2B web-based business. We incorporate the two difficulties just as arrangements and openings, close by model estimates taken by B2B organizations, to assist you with guiding your own business through this pandemic. For considerably more counsel, join our online class: COVID-19 Guide for B2B Businesses.

To confine physical contact however much as could be expected during this COVID-19 flare-up and guarantee business coherence presently is a decent time to urge your clients to shop on the web. This is something rural hardware parts merchant and Sana Commerce client Fastparts (a division of Farmhand) is concentrating on:

“We are still open for now and trying to operate to somewhat normal levels, but at the same time keep our staff and customers safe. The web store has been a big help already in making this happen and I’m sure it will continue to be.”
— Sinead Scrivener | Operations Director at Fastparts

While you likely have clients who are accustomed to putting orders on the web, some may require some assistance. Here are a few hints on how you can help them:

  • First of all, remind your customers that your web store is live and operational, even if your physical stores are closed.
  • Pivot any on-the-road sales representatives, who can no longer do their typical work, into calling customers and getting their online accounts set up.
  • Help your customers navigate the web store and place their orders online. If you are a customer on one of the latest versions of Sana Commerce already, you can make use of the “impersonate a customer” feature. This feature allows sales and customer service representatives to access your customers’ web store. They’ll be able to see everything exactly as the customer would, and can assist customers with ordering, creating sub-accounts and more.

Look after your existing customers and their communities

Most of the companies are taking care of their clients by offering extra administrations: from gushing administrations making free films accessible, to banks expelling or deferring expenses and charges, and cafés offering takeaways. You also can set up measures to help your clients and their networks, and be the accomplice they can depend on during these troublesome occasions:

  • Offer customers in worst-affected regions or sub-regions additional discounts or benefits, such as free delivery.
  • Prioritize your stock for existing customers over new visitors who are looking for single-product purchases.
  • Support customers who are facing financial trouble by offering additional return options or extending invoice payment dates. Make all their orders as well as any benefits visible in the web store to help them manage their finances more easily.
  • Consider how you can support your customers’ communities. Can you offer free services to community response teams? Can you set aside stock for health organizations?
  • Highlight products that can help your customers, and their customers, get through this coronavirus pandemic.

Ensure your e-commerce platform meets the needs of B2B customers

As more clients go to e-commerce businesses due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s insufficient just to have a web store. You additionally need to guarantee your internet business website addresses the issues of B2B clients. This implies an advantageous, dependable and finishes web store, and one that convinces clients to shop with your as opposed to going to contenders.

What do your B2B customers expect from your web store? broke it down into 4 main categories

• Displays relevant information:
• Offers optimized functionalities:
• Handles the complexities of B2B orders:
• Prevents order errors:

Streamline your returns process

During the COVID-19 pandemic, you’re probably going to encounter movements and changes sought after for specific items. You may likewise find that clients who are languishing monetarily investigate approaches to make back a portion of their spending. This vulnerability is probably going to bring about an ascent in returns.

Thus, make certain to make the profits procedure tranquil for your clients. On the off chance that conceivable, permit them to approve returns through the web store and to follow the advancement themselves. This won’t just be progressively helpful for your clients, however, it will likewise forestall any floods in calls and messages for your administration groups.

“As physical stores are closing and people look for alternatives to buying and selling face to face, e-commerce is playing a crucial role.”
— Michiel Schipperus | CEO at Sana Commerce

Roll out web stores to new regions and markets

In the event that you have a current web store, presently is a decent time to consider turning out further web stores to new districts and markets. This should be possible both to guarantee income and to help existing or cut-off clients.

In the primary case, you can dispatch web stores to locales where you right now have a physical nearness, yet no online nearness. This will permit your current clients to keep on shopping with you, in any event, when physical stores must be shut.

In the any case, it can likewise mean contacting new crowds. For instance, you can reveal extra web stores to locales where you have no current nearness. Right now, sure to likewise streamline your web store for web search tools (SEO) — as 47% of B2B clients direct web scans to search for data, arrangements, and providers.

You might also want to think about opening up a D2C or B2C e-commerce site. This can help you bypass any disruptions in the supply chain, or even find new sources of revenue if demand for your products in the B2B space is decreasing following the coronavirus lockdowns. This is exactly what Selecta, a leading supplier of coffee and fresh food solutions,

“Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, most people are now working from home. Because we are mainly active in the B2B market, this means that our turnover has fallen sharply. To compensate for this, we have decided to open a consumer (B2C) web store.”
— Jessica Stam and Lars Gerritsen | Digital Team at Selecta Netherlands

Deal with demand and supply chain disruptions

The COVID-19 outbreak is leading to spikes in demand for certain products, while also disrupting your supply chains with transportation restrictions and establishment closures. A poll by the Institute of Supply Chain Management found that nearly 75% of companies have already reported supply chain disruptions. Here are some things you can put in place to deal with such disruptions, in both the short and long term.

Optimize your e-commerce site’s performance and stability to deal with peaks in traffic:

  • Large, stable infrastructure: Make sure you’ve got the right web store host to support your site.
  • Load balancing: Take the pressure off by spreading it over a group of machines.
  • Lazy loading: Delay the loading of certain web page elements.
  • For more on these best practices, check out our article on how to deal with peak volume.

To deal with disruption in the supply chain and ensure minimal impact on your customers and service teams, make sure your web store enables you to do the following:

  • Display real-time stock levels and pricing
  • Let customers track their deliveries
  • Ensure out-of-stock items are marked as such, and let customers know when to expect them back in stock

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