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How we developed a Business Automation Tool for Cash on Delivery Business with ZERO industry knowledge.

There were 04 friends who were working for different companies as a full-time job and they wanted to start their own business.

Their idea was a “Cash on Delivery” business because 02 among them are related to that industry.

But the issue was their business was highly dependent on online parcel tracking because they should track those in 200 different branches/locations.

The companies they were already working, have such software so they also wanted to create one themselves.

Another issue was, none of the above people are technical. So I had to learn each and every point in their business to develop an automation tool/software for them.  

Finally, we developed a successful business automation tool with an understanding fully of their business. The bonus point is, now we are suggesting some loophole in their business to reduce the time waste because we are expert for their business too.

Hope somebody gets with my experience.

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